Embrace Failure

When I look  at my clients and friends who have experienced extraordinary amounts of success in manifesting their goals, I notice that many of them have a similar out look about “failing” – they aren’t scared of it.   Their mindset is  different.  For them its more exciting to go after what they want,  than it is scary to fail.

Successful people will tell you they have failed. That, in fact, they have failed many times. The difference between these high achievers and the rest is that even though you have heard and read all those familiar quotes about failing and the value of lessons learned, successful people actually believe them.

If you want to experience more success, it is important for you to start looking forward to failing.   Make it part of the process, and believe that with each try and failure, you are learning more and more – not just about the thing that you want but about yourself.  You are learning what it takes to make you happy, what you need to do, and who you need to be, in order to succeed.

Try This:  Every day take a risk.  Start small.

  • Try something new.   An exotic  dish at a new restaurant.
  • Spend more money on something you think you might love.
  • Travel somewhere.  It doesn’t have to be far.
  • Mix it up.  Try a new route to work.  Walk there.  Ride a bike.  Take  public transportation.
  • Make a new friend.  Go on Meetup.com and pick an event and go.  Take a friend, or even better, go by yourself.  It makes you have to meet people if you are alone.
  • Start a side project.  You love taking photos and been told you are great at it?  Start a new side photography biz.
  • Try a new form  of exercise.  Used to doing yoga only?  Try Pilates or the Bar Method. Get a trainer and learn how to properly use the different machines at your gym.

Taking these kinds of “risks” every day may soon feel like fun and when things don’t work out the way you want (aka failing) you can brush it off and try something else.   That is a winning Manifesting Mindset!


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Kim Kardashian Gives Good Love Advice

I was watching the season 3 opening episode of Drop Dead Diva last night (don’t judge, its a fun show!) when on came Kim Kardashian as a Love Guru named Nikki LePree. She was speaking to one of the show’s characters, Jane, about what to do next about her love situation. “Nikki” actually gave good advice…if you feel like you need to let someone know that you really love them, then “leave it all out on the table.” Whether they choose you or not, that’s up to them, but you know that you’ve done all that you can do. You put it out there and you should feel good about that. (Mind you, this advice is for people who actually have some kind of relationship with the other person, not a don’t-really-know -them/stalker kind of situation). I know, for those of you with control issues, that concept sounds scary. But stick with me here as I give you some examples of why letting go and being authentic and open is important.

As I’ve said many times before, I am lucky to attract so many strong, beautiful, intelligent, successful women as clients. Some of them are in committed relationships and the others are looking towards creating one. And then there is that group of my clients that are in relationships that they can’t quite define. They often say to me that its because of the man and his lack of direction in the relationship that their situation is so wishy washy. They truly believe that they’ve been waiting for their guy to make the next move. But through the cards and further dialogue I see that most of the time, they are the ones that actually have the power. How did that show up? Well, example 1, I met with this gorgeous young producer who had been in a long distance love relationship for almost 5 years. But according to her, it wasn’t moving in the way she wanted. Even though he has shown her examples of his love – traveling to another country to spend the Christmas holidays with her and her family instead of his own, letting her staying in his place when she was in town, even when he was not in town, actually TELLING her he loved her ( to which she contested by saying something to the extent of “how can that be true when you didn’t do…. and didn’t do….”) So recently she has decided she wants to get closer to him, she wants to take the relationship to the next level. So what did she do? She told him she just wanted to be friends, even though that was exactly opposite what she wanted! This is what I refer to as High Priestess reversed, going against your intuition and tying to control a situation by being manipulative.

What she really wanted was for him to chase after her and beg to take the relationship to the next level. And maybe in a different kind of relationship that might work (yes, a dysfunctional inauthentic relationship) but in her particular situation she didn’t see that she was already going against the relationship dynamic they had created. The cards showed that she was the one who had most of the power and he followed her lead. Whenever he tried to show her love, she didn’t feel it wasn’t enough so she shut it down. He became used to her feeling unfulfilled and assumed over the years that she wasn’t fully into it, so while he loves her, he stopped trying so hard. Her fear of being vulnerable to him was pushing him away. And her final “This isn’t working out, I think we should just be friends” helped to push him further away, which was confirmed when he said “Now that I think about it, maybe you are right” I know ladies, we say these things to because we want them to chase us. But sometimes they actually LISTEN TO WHAT WE SAY AND BELIEVE US. So through our session I worked with her to figure out what she really wanted to say to him to get their relationship back on track. In fact the reading showed that if they were both able to break down their defensive blocks (The Tower) they would eventually get married.

Another client is this amazing attorney – she’s sharp, stylish, pretty, and successful – but she also does not like being “vulnerable.” She told me she doesn’t like to give up control of her emotions. She is very much an Emperor (masculine energy) So when this awesome loving guy came along and tried to get her to open up faster than she wanted, she balked and pushed him away and asked him to slow down. So guess what? He did. And even though she was seeing other people, she freaked out when she thought he might be too, and pretty much almost told him to go away. But luckily she came to see me before she did anything crazy. What I suggested for her to do instead was to be authentic, and let him know that she DIDN’T want to see other people and was hoping that he still felt the same way. While the cards said he might not respond the way she wants right away, I told her don’t let that affect her chance to be authentic. There is something very powerful and yet feminine about allowing yourself to be vulnerable. We can not control relationships because we can’t control what others think or feel (and why would we want to) but we can choose to do the best things for us. And that includes allowing love to come into our lives by putting it all out on the table.

*** If you are looking to change your destructive love habits and remove blocks that stop you from being authentic, join my Love Workshop starting Thursday June 7th. Click on the link for more info.

4-Week Workshop – READY FOR LOVE

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Music Changes Lives

You know what I LOVE about my “work” as a Reader and Manifesting Coach? The opportunity to help people live out their passions.  I am incredibly blessed to work with so many interesting and inspirational men and women who have these amazing dreams they want to live out –  and come to me to help guide them.   In the process, I get to be a part of their ride and I love it!

One of my current inspirational clients includes Liz Campbell, a super talented professional singer who has over a decade of experience as a Music Therapist.  She’s worked with people of all ages with various populations including severely emotionally disturbed, at-risk, homeless, cerebral palsy, developmentally delayed teens.   Over the years she’s been able to take her passion for music and create unique approaches to helping people with their challenges.  

Through her experience, Liz knows music changes lives.

Her latest venture is a 12-Week Music Program for teens called “Wanna Be a Rock Star?” which includes actual music & vocal  sessions.   I mean, if you love the video game Rock Band, this is the real life version of it.  Through her program, kids get lessons about self esteem, team work, responsibility and confidence.  Most of all, kids are kept off the streets  and are encouraged to do things that will ultimately help them achieve their dreams.   At the end of the 12 weeks, the teens even get to have a concert and perform.   This program is so cool, I am excited for when she creates the adult version!

Liz needs your help to get this program started this summer.  She is seeking funding in the amount of $12,000 but every dollar will help her manifest this amazing dream.  She is currently set up on Indiegogo.com so check it out here below.  You can find more info on how you can help the teens and about how the  program works.


How you can help:

-Donate money to the program.

-If you know someone who is interested in the program please contact Liz via her site http://www.elizabethjcampbell.com/

-spread the word and post my blog to your FB and Twitter

Thanks for your part in helping manifest dreams for so many teens!


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The #1 Secret to Manifesting a Sexy Summer Body

Yes, its almost June and for some, Summer is a GULP moment…

As in, GULP, bathing suit season.

As in, GULP, my weight has once again crept up on me.

As in, GULP, this is NOT where I said I wanted to be last June.

Believe me, I get it.

Well, here’s what I’m excited about… my friend and client – Priscilla Stephan-a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach is on a mission to help busy professional women feel amazing in their bodies this summer. Throughout our work together she has always had the passion for health, vitality and beauty. Lovely P, as I call her 😉 did what many amazing manifesters do – she left her high paying corporate job to focus more on these things that she loves. So she’s partnered her passions with her real life experience and kick ass coaching techniques to create some amazing programs to help her clients develop healthy, beautiful bodies.

As I asked her for some advice about getting sexy for summer, she shared with me her #1 secret to slim down effortlessly, double your energy and rock your vibrant, confident self! And I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Here goes… The # 1 way to slim down effortlessly, doubly your energy and feel amazing in your body is…


Yes, sleep! Ok, I can already hear you saying: ” But Julie, I’ve got so many things to do, I don’t have time to sleep!” And I know. I’m with you. I’ve been known to stay up all night when I’ve got ideas in my head (or lots of shows on my DVR). But then Priscilla reminded me that – Sleep is SEXY. And you need sleep to be successful.

When you wake up refreshed, your eyes sparkle, your skin glows, you have sharp focus, a spring to step, a better attitude, AND…sleep keeps you slim.

Yes, SLIM!

Sleep controls the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin. When you don’t get enough sleep – and we can all relate to that – ghrelin is more prevalent making you crave all the wrong stuff- all day long You’re also pretty grumpy, bitchy, and annoyed and you want to eat all the junk food in sight. (Do ya feel me?) PLUS, when you get enough rest, your body has more of the hormone leptin – which helps to suppress our appetite.

Here are Priscilla’s 7 easy tips for scheduling more sleep into your day and feeling more radiant than ever:

  1. Schedule a bedtime that’s realistic and stick to it. You can start by deciding to be in bed 30 minutes before you usually do.
  2. Make bedtime a ritual. Remove TVs from your bedroom and read a book instead.
  3. Listen to soothing music, light a candle, have some lavender sachets for stress reduction or aromatherapy oils and wear your yummy pajamas or nightgown
  4. When you’re in your bed, you shouldn’t be playing with gadgets as they’ll keep you wired and engaged.
  5. Pre-bedtime is a time for you to unwind, allow yourself to disconnect from your day and fall into blissful sleep
  6. Avoid caffeine after lunch time and too much sugar and very late exercise in the evening.
  7. Take a 5-10 minute afternoon nap to give your eyes some rest and to relax from your busy day

Priscilla is offering a super deal for my clients & readers in her upcoming 8 week EMBODY YOU Group Teleseminar starting June 12th.

If you want Priscilla to work with you to bring out your amazing vibrant, confident, self this summer + have a ton of fun and group support, check out her program. She is offering amazing bonuses including a 1 hr free NLP session (and most of you know I LOVE NLP) with her to remove emotional blocks (a $350 value for free!) and an easy payment plan that’s only valid until this Friday at midnight Eastern. To sign up & see the full course curriculum: visit http://www.sweetpathwellness.com & Click on “Group Program”. You’ll be glad you did! This program is a fraction of the cost of working with Priscilla 1-on-1!

For questions, you can email Priscilla directly at priscilla@sweetpathwellness.com and please let her know I sent you by calling her Lovely P 😉

Here’s to you looking and feeling amazing this summer!

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May Showers bring…?

We know that April (showers) bring in May Flowers, but what else does May have in store for you?

Tomorrow, FRIDAY MAY 4th ONLY I am offering Special on a Tarot & Coaching Session to help you see what’s in store for you! Let your friends know and you get another $20 off your next reading for every friend that takes advantage of the offer.

30 minute sessions only $50 (reg. $80)

60 minute sessions only $82 (reg. $125)

I have sessions available for this time frame only:

11:30am PST – 2:30pm PST for phone sessions only or

4:00pm – 8:00pm PST for in-person or phone sessions

Call or email me ASAP to set up your SPECIAL FRIDAY MAY 4th SESSION

livelovetarot@ymail.com  or call (310) 916-9576

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How to Crush on Your Career

“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

~ Christopher Morley

Almost daily clients come to me seeking advice and guidance about their ” life path.”  I hear questions like “which direction should I be going towards in my career?” or “what should I be doing with my life?”  Even the most confident and ambitious person may come to that cross roads in their life where they no longer feel comfortable with direction their life has taken them.  Somewhere along the way, they may have made decisions that were more about being practical and lost track of what really made them happy or why they chose that profession in the first place.

This reminds me of last week, when my BFF Maxine and I had a lovely 3-hour lunch on a Tuesday at our favorite fun sushi spot in West Hollywood.   We have weekly appointed “girl time” in which we also  incorporate our “co-coaching” business sessions somewhere in the middle of the food, drinks and laughter.  On this particular day, we both stopped to acknowledge how fortunate we were to be doing exactly what we wanted in our careers.  Ok,  so the conversation actually went something like this. 

ME: “Hey, isn’t it awesome that we are doing exactly what we love? 

HER: “OMG, totally!  I am so crushing on my career!” (Yes, even as adult entrepreneurial women we still talk this way) .

Being friends since we were 11, Maxine and I know exactly what makes the other happy,  what are true skills are and what motivates us.   Because we love proving our own points, we made a list of why we had super-crushes on our careers (when we were in high school this was usually a list of our super-crushes on boys.  Oh, who am I kidding.  We’ve done that all our lives).

Me: (as a Tarot Reader and Manifesting Coach/Entrepreneur) I have always loved helping people, using my knowledge of psychology/human behavior, being independent/not having other people tell me what to do, telling other people what to do, using my intuition to see how a situation will lead to an outcome, crisis counseling, creating programs, flexible schedule/ability to travel, tied to the celebrity & entertainment world, public speaking, empowering people, lots of social interaction, income that has no salary limits.

Maxine: (as Founder and Chief of Vanity Girl Hollywood/Brand Ambassador/Entrepreneur)  She loves glamour, make up, sparkly things, talking about/creating/surrounding herself in beauty, luxury, using her skills in PR, marketing and branding, international travel, connecting people, celebrities & entertainment, networking, writing, public speaking, flexible schedule, business, and unlimited income potential.

It’s pretty exciting to know that we have created so much happiness + success in our businesses. What’s more exciting is that our businesses continue to grow because they don’t feel like work, so they move (mostly) with ease and grace. The truth is, everyone can create careers that they love. If you know what you want to spend your time doing, where your skills are, and how those skills can help others then you are more than halfway there.
Working with my clients through this process is actually really fun. I start with some basics, which include confidence building which helps to remind them that they can and have already created many things in their lives out of “nothing.” Then we move towards finding out their skills and passions.  This process is about discovering what you love spending your time on, what is important to you, and what skills you have that others would find valuable. You might also ask your friends and family what they find your most valuable assets are.  They would be able to see things that you might overlook.
Just last night I had a 60 minute session with a new client in Boston and helped her carve out a new path for her career. She’s moving away from real estate and going into the parenting advice arena. She’s totally excited and invigorated now and I am excited to see how she progresses. One of my other clients who has been through my manifesting groups as well as individual coaching, is a beautiful super-social woman with pretty impressive flirting skills . She’s also a lover of love and always notices women’s engagement rings. Is it any surprise that she’s crushing on the Love & Attraction Coaching biz we developed for her?  And to find your Career Crush,  you don’t have to have dreams of being an entrepreneur.   I had a client who is tri lingual and has an MBA but she came to realize she wanted to be an Executive Assistant.   Why?  Because she loved supporting powerful people, being the behind-the-scenes hero and she wanted the prestige of  working for a Fortune 500 company.  Plus she said she loved dressing up and working in an office.
The biggest obstacle that stops you from attracting your dream career is not that it doesn’t exist (it does) or that you can’t make money doing what you love (you can). You must first believe that you can do it. But isn’t that amazing that you have control over that? You can change how you feel and your mind set about your career. It’s all up to you.
If you are ready to find some clarity about your life direction let me know how I can help. As you know from reading this, I would love to.


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It’s a Sign

I was reading an email from Mastin Kipp’s The Daily Love and he brought up a subject that I’ve discussed many times with my own clients. And that is, signs mean whatever you want them to mean.


I hear the phrase “it was a sign” a lot from my clients. And what I’ve noticed is that these “signs” often support what they want to believe. It’s not as if these beliefs are always in their best interest but they might serve the purpose of being the easier road to take.
For example, one of my clients had been in a tumultuous relationship with a very successful businessman. She herself is a gorgeous, successful, smart and funny ad executive. But because of her distrust of relationships she often pushed away this man and the relationship because of her fear of getting hurt. Theirs was a relationship that had ups and downs like a roller coaster at Six Flags. I knew sooner or later it would become too much for either of them to take. She would often come to me saying that some event, phrase, TV show, comment (anything!) “was a sign” that they should not be together. And I would ask “why isn’t it a sign that you should try harder to make it work?”. Instead of trying to push through the fears and creating better communication, it was easier for her to look for reasons why she should flee.

Another client was dating a married man who said he was very unhappy with his current situation. He had promised her that he would start a new life with her once he made the jump to leave. Yet when the time came, he found many “signs” that it was not yet time to leave his wife. Why weren’t they signs that he should?

Our minds are very powerful. We can create meaning in anything we want. We can choose to create significant meanings that empower us towards growth and change or we can use those same signs to validate our fears.

I encourage my clients to look for reasons that support positive growth in all areas of their life. If you want to make changes, push past fears, be bold… Let your mind look for reasons to support these things. Because when you look for positive meanings, you will find them.

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